Ep. 25 – So On And So Forth w/Cousin Carmine 4: NJ Gov. Phil Murphy to Usher in Progressive Era

Cousin Carmine is back with Jeff and Tony to discuss NJ’s new Governor, Phil Murphy, who was inaugurated on January 16, 2018. Murphy brings his 23 years of “experience” working for Goldman Sachs, and a stint as Ambassador to Germany during Obama’s presidency (Obama gave Murphy lots of juice when he supported his campaign against Republican Candidate Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno).

Some of Murphy’s stated agenda: social justice, equal pay for women, a $15 minimum wage, legalized recreational marijuana, immigration reform, tougher gun laws, and making NJ the California of the East.


Phil Murphy’s Inauguration Speech

Everything you need to know about Phil Murphy’s inauguration and his first day on the job

Murphy Plans To Create State Agency To Aid Illegal Immigrants

Murphy’s Campaign Website

Phil Murphy signs executive order on equal pay for women

Reason Magazine: Gov. Jerry Brown: Courts Must Let California Slash its Public-Sector Pensions

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Ep. 24 – AG Sessions, Reefer Madness, And The War On Drugs

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is using his position in order to bring attention to his old-fashioned, dangerous view that marijuana is a BAD drug that needs to be prohibited and controlled by the Federal Government.

Jeff and Tony discuss the growing trend of Americans becoming cannabis-friendly.   Also discussed:

1. A comparison of the War on Drugs to Alcohol Prohibition
2. New Hampshire’s attempts to legalize recreational marijuana
3. The failure of the Drug War and the damage it has caused over the decades

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Ep. 23 – New Year’s Eve Spectacular With The Libertarian Union

Jeff and Tony hang out with fellow Libertarian Union members before partying it up on New Year’s Eve.

Topics of discussion:

Why Do We Podcast?

Why Work To Spread The Message Of Liberty?

Some Harsh Advice For The Libertarian Party.

Our Favorite Episodes of 2017.

Our Hopes For 2018.

Recorded 12/31/17 – Show Notes Below

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Ep. 22 – Trump Declares Jerusalem Israel’s Capital Amidst UN Opposition

Happy Holidays Folks!  Nothing like finishing off the year with a discussion on the depressing, seemingly endless struggle for control of the Holy Land.

Kyle Anzalone, host of Foreign Policy Focus podcast, joins us to discuss Trump’s recent decision to declare the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

We cover some of the region’s history, changes in population over time, and what may come in the future.

Recorded 12/22/17 – Show Notes Below Continue reading “Ep. 22 – Trump Declares Jerusalem Israel’s Capital Amidst UN Opposition”

Ep. 21 – The College Bubble And Manufactured Adolescence

Jeff and Tony discuss the fact that people are remaining in a state of childhood entirely too long.  Remember how everyone’s grandparents were married with several children by the ripe old age of 25?  Nowadays, it’s hard to find a 25 year old that has a real career and does not live at their parents’ house.

Part of the problem is education.  We tackle this, with a special emphasis on a subject near and dear to our hearts: Outrageous College Tuition.  Enjoy.

Recorded 12/13/17 – Show notes below

Peter Schiff Interviews College Grads:

Check out Dr. Epstein’s new book on teenagers:

Tom Woods’ episode with Dr. Robert Epstein on the topic:

The Best And Brightest Of Yale:

The Rise In The Cost Of College:

Image result for college tuition graph

Mike Rowe Speaks To Reason On The College Tuition Crisis:


Net Neutrality is big in the news again.  Check out our very first episode on this topic: Episode 1: Thoughts on Net Neutrality.

Ep. 20 – Sex Work And The Age Of Consent

Today we are joined by fellow Libertarian Union members: Patrick, Daniel, and Robert.  This is a snippet from a much longer recording session in which we discussed the age of consent and sex work laws.  This is a quick introduciton into a topic that we will have much more to say on in the future.  Enjoy!

Recorded – 11/17/17

John Stossel on Who Owns Your Body?

Ray Allen Gets Catfished

Actual Anarchy Discuss The Greatest Porn Audition Of All Time

Seattle Man Tricks Women Into Sex By Pretending He Was A Porn Recruiter

Don’t forget to check out DWYH Episode 17 for another conversation with our friends at LibertarianUnion.com

Ep. 19 – Swamp Drainage and Monopoly Busting Microgrid Energy Technology

Part 3 of Jeff and Tony’s rambling session with Rob of RBV. We discuss Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into Russian ties and campaign corruption in general, specifically as it relates to Ukranian dealings between former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and a company founded by Clinton leuitenant John Podesta and brother Tony.

Later, we move on to microgrid energy technologies being explored by states, municipalities, and even hospitals and residential complexes to create disaster redundancies, and the potential for such a movement to pressure the long standing government granted monopoly system entrenched around much of the US.

Recorded 11/2/17 – Show Links Below

Tucker Carlson’s story on the Manafort/Podesta investigation:

Microgrid Exploration in NJ (1)

Microgrid Exploration in NJ (2)

Microgrid Exploration in NJ (3)

Microgrid Exploration in NY

Interview with Tim Jackson, EVP of Technology at Tenneco where he projects that by 2025 gasoline powered cars will have a net cleaning effect on air quality (recorded 10/21/2016):

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Ep. 18 – Independence In Catalonia: A New Spanish Civil War?

Jeff and Tony are joined by regular contributor to DWYH, Rob of RBV.  We discuss the movement for the Catalan people to secede from the nation of Spain.

There is a long history of differences between the culture surrounding Barcelona and the culture surrounding Madrid.  We discuss some of that history here.

We also attack the following questions (among others):

-When is secession legitimate?

-How does a country declare independence without an armed population?

-Can secession be done peacefully?

Recorded 11/2/17 – Show Links Below

A concise explanation of how we got to this point in Spain:

Some disturbing footage of the violent voter suppression:

Another look that you might not be seeing on regular cable news:

Click here to read a nice breakdown between the Catalan Language and the standard Castellano (Spanish).

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And if you missed it, make sure to check out our latest episode with the guys at Actual Anarchy and Liberty Weekly!

Ep. 17 – smaLL Talk With Liberty Weekly And Actual Anarchy

On our first of what may become a new segment (smaLL talk), Jeff and Tony hang out with Patrick, Daniel and Robert of the Liberty Weekly and Actual Anarchy Podcasts.  They are some of our comrades over at the Libertarian Union.

After hours of harrowing technical difficulties, we finally got to talking.  We discussed how we all came to love liberty.  Then we got into the weeds on some hot button libertarian issues.

Recorded 11/17/17 – Show Links Below

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Check out Patrick’s show at LibertyWeekly.net

Listen to Daniel and Robert at ActualAnarchy.com and ReadRothbard.com

Check out Daniel’s project aimed at teaching liberty-loving people to become financially free at BlackAnd[dot]Gold.

Here’s an interesting graphic showing the reduction in poverty over the last hundred or so years:

Stefan Molyneux’s ideas about ethics without religion, which he calls Universally Preferable Behavior (UPB):

Milton Friedman on the Negative Income Tax, aka Basic Income Guarantee aka Universal Basic Income.  Although it sounds nice, and would probably work better than what we have right now, everyone on this episode would say this sucks as an idea!  Redistribution is bad!

Woods Debates and Dismantles The Basic Income Guarantee:

Enjoyed this one?  Check out Episode 13 with Kenny The Wizard, also part of the Libertarian Union.


Ep. 16 – Kevin Spacey And The Continuing Hollywood Meltdown

Well, the hits just keep on coming.  Back by popular demand, Rob of the RBV YouTube channel joins Jeff and Tony for an update on the sad state of Hollywood.

This episode focuses on the latest allegations against Kevin Spacey, who apparently has a reputation as a predator of both males and females, even up to the present day.  We also discuss Corey Feldman and child stars in general.

Since the recording, several additional accusations have come out.  We will link to them below, but just to name a few: Comedian Louis CK, Senator/Judge Roy Moore, actors Richard Dreyfus, Charlie Sheen, and more.

Recorded 11/2/17 – Show Links Below

If you missed our original Weinstein Hollywood episode, click here!

Stef on Spacey:

Spacey Apologizes, But Says He Has No Recollection

Many Statehouse politicians have been accused of various forms of sexual misconduct

Stef on Milo:

Senator Elect Roy Moore of Alabama Accused of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor

Corey Haim’s Mother Denies Charlie Sheen Raped Her Son

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