Ep. 8 – NJ Transit Workers Demand More Money

Recorded June 2017

A big pay raise for entry-level NJ Transit workers is being considered. This would nearly double the “minimum” wage for over 10,000 NJ State employees who work with trains, buses, and airports. Why are State employees entitled to these outrageous wages?

We also discuss the negative effects of a government monopoly on infrastructure. Why can’t private companies start their own train lines? With private trains, there’d be more express service, cleaner trains, and more options. Imagine the possibilities!

During the episode, we discussed how great the Internet is and how terrible the NJ Trains are.  Interesting how the Internet has very little government involvement, and how NJ Transit is completely controlled by the government.  Check out our first episode on Net Neutrality for a deeper discussion on this!

Click here for some details regarding the wage demands, as well as some of the ridiculous justifications for this arbitrary pay raise.

Check out the video below.  For more, you’ll love TomWoods.com/316

Click here for Thomas DiLorenzo’s great article on the Free Market vs. Government Subsidized Industry.  SPOILER ALERT: THE FREE MARKET IS BETTER!