Ep. 6 – Google Diversity Scandal And Firing Of James Damore

Recorded August 9, 2017 – Jeff and Anthony are joined by special guest, Cousin Rob of Rob’s Video Blog.  After James Damore’s memo on Google’s gender diversity policy circulated the company, there was a public outcry.  Google decided that Damore had violated it’s Code of Conduct, and subsequently fired him.  We discuss the content of the memo as well as our opinion on Google’s decision and the precedent this sets.

Although it may seem trivial, this event is just another step in a long line of things happening in this culture war over the past few years.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the Internet, specifically social media, is a hotbed of activity between Authoritarians Of All Stripes and Freedom Loving People.  This is reaching a fever pitch, and it really feels that things are going to bubble over at any moment.  It’s high time you started paying attention and figured out what side you are on.

Show Notes Below:

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A great example of Rob’s work:

Click Here For James Damore’s Original Memo

Click for Heavy.com’s Summary of The Issue

Hope you enjoyed this one.  Check out our past conversations for more!  Episode 5 covered Brexit and Secession!