Ep. 25 – So On And So Forth w/Cousin Carmine 4: NJ Gov. Phil Murphy to Usher in Progressive Era

Cousin Carmine is back with Jeff and Tony to discuss NJ’s new Governor, Phil Murphy, who was inaugurated on January 16, 2018. Murphy brings his 23 years of “experience” working for Goldman Sachs, and a stint as Ambassador to Germany during Obama’s presidency (Obama gave Murphy lots of juice when he supported his campaign against Republican Candidate Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno).

Some of Murphy’s stated agenda: social justice, equal pay for women, a $15 minimum wage, legalized recreational marijuana, immigration reform, tougher gun laws, and making NJ the California of the East.

Show links below:

Phil Murphy’s Inauguration Speech

Everything you need to know about Phil Murphy’s inauguration and his first day on the job

Murphy Plans To Create State Agency To Aid Illegal Immigrants

Murphy’s Campaign Website

Phil Murphy signs executive order on equal pay for women

Reason Magazine: Gov. Jerry Brown: Courts Must Let California Slash its Public-Sector Pensions

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