Ep. 21 – The College Bubble And Manufactured Adolescence

Jeff and Tony discuss the fact that people are remaining in a state of childhood entirely too long.  Remember how everyone’s grandparents were married with several children by the ripe old age of 25?  Nowadays, it’s hard to find a 25 year old that has a real career and does not live at their parents’ house.

Part of the problem is education.  We tackle this, with a special emphasis on a subject near and dear to our hearts: Outrageous College Tuition.  Enjoy.

Recorded 12/13/17 – Show notes below

Peter Schiff Interviews College Grads:

Check out Dr. Epstein’s new book on teenagers:

Tom Woods’ episode with Dr. Robert Epstein on the topic:

The Best And Brightest Of Yale:

The Rise In The Cost Of College:

Image result for college tuition graph

Mike Rowe Speaks To Reason On The College Tuition Crisis:


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