Ep. 18 – Independence In Catalonia: A New Spanish Civil War?

Jeff and Tony are joined by regular contributor to DWYH, Rob of RBV.  We discuss the movement for the Catalan people to secede from the nation of Spain.

There is a long history of differences between the culture surrounding Barcelona and the culture surrounding Madrid.  We discuss some of that history here.

We also attack the following questions (among others):

-When is secession legitimate?

-How does a country declare independence without an armed population?

-Can secession be done peacefully?

Recorded 11/2/17 – Show Links Below

A concise explanation of how we got to this point in Spain:

Some disturbing footage of the violent voter suppression:

Another look that you might not be seeing on regular cable news:

Click here to read a nice breakdown between the Catalan Language and the standard Castellano (Spanish).

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