Ep. 1 – Thoughts On Net Neutrality

Recorded July 15, 2017.  Net neutrality is in the news again, but do we even know what it means? You’ll see by this conversation that it can be tricky. We get to the bottom of it….eventually.

Show Notes Below:

Jason Stapleton Explains Net Neutrality:

Jason Stapleton runs the daily Jason Stapleton Program, where he gives a recap of the news and events of the day from the persepective of his “Five Principles Of Liberty”: Limited Government, Free Markets, Peace, Tolerance, and Individualism.

Tom Woods On The Libertarian View On Net Neutrality:

Tom Woods explores the ideas of liberty 5 days per week on The Tom Woods Show.  This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in delving deep into the libertarian philosophy.

Peter Schiff On Net Neutrality

Peter Schiff is an expert in financial markets and owner of Euro Pacific Capital.  He is best known for his contrarian point of view to the mainstream.  He correctly predicted the crash of the housing market in 2008.  He runs a great show focusing on financial markets.

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